Examine User Interface and its Use

Speaking of user control and its dynamic experience, the MacTini is definitely having the finest affordance, mapping and constraints. Throw away its function first, its glamorous design is what an user tend to look upon first. Attractive things do make people feel good, just like any other Mac products. The degree of interactivity isn’t just Reactive, but Interactive; it acts in response to the user’s patterns of clicking the button.

The screen is optimized, it’s light and portable, many would love to owe it. But from the point-of-view of an user, I guess nobody would love to be involved in using it. Simple logic, the usability is not easy to learn, ineffective to use and provide an undesirable experience. In layman’s term, it is just a waste of time in adapting to use it.

Many may argue that Interface design is always the major part and the key to success or failure. In such case, it succeeds. However, it’s its usability and human factors which somewhat sums up the key to its failure.

Here, I have learnt that user interface and its use plays a crucial role in helping us design, implement and in term of using it better.


~ by dosozin on October 23, 2009.

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