File:Konami Code.svg


It’s my first time coming across with such code. What is it? What it does? How did that happen??

It’s the konami code; as told by my amazing friend!

This cheat code originates from many Konami video game. It has become very popular to implement this code within your website often using jQuery to listen for the keystrokes. Do a Google search on “konami code” and you will be able to find a list of more website which listen for such event. Some might requires extra code for individual effect.


Try this on Facebook and you’ll get the following len’s flare effect.

Up -> Up -> Down -> Down -> Left -> Left -> Right -> Right -> B -> A -> Enter -> Scroll Up/Down


I hope this adds up some fun into your reading, I don’t wish my blog to be so dead and geeky. Cheers people!


~ by dosozin on October 28, 2009.

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