Please Play~

“Imagine an old pump organ, set at the heart of the Roundhouse, with a series of low-tech cables and wires attached to the buildings pillars, pipes and beams. Then imagine the ping, rattle and blow as they vibrate and resonate in response to the organ keys, and the building itself becomes a giant musical instrument.

Playing the Building, David Byrnes interactive sound installation, drew crowds to New Yorks Battery Maritime Building last year. This August sees the UK premiere of his vision of Victorian steam-punk technology at the 160-year-old Roundhouse.”

Wow, this is an explicit and magnificent installation. Seeing this work, it makes me think of those construction site.


In the installation work, it’s different case; it’s the audiences who wish to be the construction workers instead. Nobody is playing the building better than anybody else. It’s the democracy that the installation trying to exhibit, the belief of practicing social equality. He/she maybe a better player in instrumentation, but when its comes to this, everyone are the same. And that’s what I’d observed from this vast demonstration. I guess this is what the future of interactive media should be. Well, my interpretation can be subjective. What do you think?


~ by dosozin on November 15, 2009.

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