HAHA, Umbrella again?!

Broadcast Showcase My Dream,Our Vision

“Singapore based design firm, Design Act have sent us images of their entry into the World Expo 2010 Singapore Pavilion competition. Selected as one of the finalists, alongside the likes of Ministry of Design, their submission attempts to take a much more conceptual approach.”

“Interior of Pavilion: Dream catching digital text renditions of dream messages projected on falling rain onto umbrellas held high above by professional Performers inside the space.

The Pavilion shows the sides of a City that is continually driven by progressive change. This is brought under the umbrella of the powerful trans-lingual word that is also representative of the Singapore spirit…”

“Interior of Pavilion: Wish Tunnel Visitors share dreams written on slips of translucent paper strung along on walls installed along the tunnel.

The pavilion is made of an illuminated digital cloud hovering over an ever-changing green pasture. It invites you to enter a dark underground space with audio feeds alluding to the background services which serve the city, and catapults you into the bright and white digital cloud, where you are encouraged to post your dreams.”

Something I’ve come across on the weekend. It’s the umbrella man again! HAHA.

You can read more of this article at http://www.fivefootway.com/2009/03/24/my-dreamour-vision-by-design-act-world-expo-2010-singapore-pavilion-finalist/.


~ by dosozin on December 14, 2009.

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